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Contractor Calculating Expenses

What Expenses Can an Independent Contractor Claim?

Expenses are just another task to add to your list as a contractor. Why not make things easier with an umbrella company to take care of tax and payroll? At Umbrella Supermarket, you can compare a number of leading providers in minutes. Use our umbrella comparison tool to get quotes based on your income and choose the one that’s best for you.


How Long Can a Contractor Work for the Same Company?

Working with the same company can make contracting a lot easier as you no longer need to negotiate new contracts and spend time marketing your services. However, you still need to complete those burdensome tax returns and keep money set aside for unexpected sickness or an annual holiday.

Want to get rid of the hassle altogether? That’s where Umbrella Supermarket can help. Using our umbrella comparison tool, you can compare a selection of leading providers in just a few minutes. Enter your details and get multiple quotes based on your income, then choose the best fit for you.

Contractor Pay

How Much Should a Contractor Pay a Subcontractor?

Whether it’s how much to pay a subcontractor or the constant struggle with admin, contracting has its fair share of worries. With Umbrella Supermarket, you can make things a lot easier. Our umbrella comparison site allows you to find the best umbrella company to take care of your payroll, tax and provide invaluable statutory benefits.

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