Why Every Contractor Should Use an Umbrella Calculator

6 Reasons To Use an Umbrella Calculator

How does an Umbrella calculator work?

Before we look at why contractors should use an umbrella calculator, let’s start by looking at how they work.

Umbrella Supermarket’s contractor calculator is quick and easy to use.

Simply head over to our umbrella calculator, enter a few key details such as your name, contact information, and any contractor preferences you have and click to get your quote.

Now, you will be presented with a list of the best-suited umbrella companies based on your needs and requirements. So, should you want help with things like childcare credits, we will show umbrella companies that are best suited to such needs.

What’s more, our umbrella calculator takes just 2 minutes to use, so there’s no need to spend hours finding the best match for you.

That’s how an umbrella company works, now let’s look at why you should use one.

1. Compare take-home pay

Umbrella calculators make it super quick and easy for contractors to compare how much their take-home pay will be under each umbrella company. After all, you work hard for your money so it's only natural that you want to ensure that you are maximising your take-home pay.

That's why Umbrella Supermarket makes it quick and easy to compare your take-home pay. We even show contractors what their payslips will look like, breaking down how much they will pay in tax, National Insurance, pension contributions, insurance, and umbrella company fees.

This makes it easy for contractors to compare companies based on how much they will pocket at the end of each month, meaning you can make sure you're getting the best deal.

2. Compare Umbrella Company Fees

Every umbrella company charges the contractor a fee in exchange for the benefits and services they provide.

Although umbrella company fees are competitive, they do vary from company to company, so it’s always important to compare fees in order to get a fair deal.

An umbrella calculator makes comparing umbrella company fees quick and easy, showing exactly how much each company charges and what you will receive in exchange for the fee. This helps to ensure that every contractor will get a good deal and pay a fair price.

3. Compare services and benefits

Umbrella companies offer a range of benefits and services to the contractor. However, not all umbrella companies were created equal. Some will offer services that others don't, meaning it's important to compare service levels to ensure that you get everything you need from the company.

For example, some umbrella companies will offer same-day payments, some will provide help with things like childcare tax credits, some will offer extra levels of insurance cover.

Depending on your specific contractor needs, it is essential to ensure that your chosen provider can offer the services you need. That’s why our umbrella calculator makes it easy to compare umbrella companies based on the services and benefits they offer.

We will only show you umbrella companies that are suited to your needs based on the information you provide us and will break down exactly what services and benefits you will receive from each company.

Therefore, we make it easy to find a company that can fulfill all your contractor requirements.

4. Compare only reputable Umbrella Companies

Another benefit to using Umbrella Supermarket’s umbrella calculator is that we only work with the best umbrella companies out there. Therefore, we will only ever show you a list of umbrella companies that are trustworthy and have solid reputations.

Although the majority of umbrella companies out there are trustworthy, as, in any industry, there are a handful that aren't. That means that by using our umbrella calculator you don't have to worry about whether you can trust the umbrella company you are choosing, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Find out more about HMRC-approved umbrella companies and red flags to look out for when choosing a provider in this handy guide.

5. Make an informed decision

Another reason that every contractor should use an umbrella calculator is that they make it easy for contractors to make a well-informed decision about which company they choose.

We offer a handy feature that allows users to go back and edit their information at any time. This means you can change a piece of information, such as how much you wish to pay in pension contributions, and we will update the list of umbrella companies that are best for you based on the new information provided.

This means you can have a play around to ensure you are finding the best match and getting the best deal for you.

6. Take your time over the decision-making process

Finally, we also allow users to save their details and revisit their results whenever suits them. This means all your information is stored, giving you the time to carefully think about your decision.

After all, choosing an umbrella company is a big decision that shouldn’t be rushed in to.

That’s just another reason why using an umbrella calculator is super helpful to contractors.

Try out Umbrella Supermarket’s umbrella calculator today

Clearly, there are a wide range of benefits to using an umbrella calculator and this is the best way for contractors to find the best umbrella company for their needs.

To give it a go for yourself today, why not try out Umbrella Supermarket’s umbrella calculator?

Our umbrella calculator is quick and easy to use and it takes just two minutes for contractors to find their perfect fit.

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