What will your comparison look like

At Umbrella Supermarket we want to help you find the right umbrella company or accountant for you. That means finding out a little bit more about you than just your name and number.

We’re going to ask you things like:

  • Are you a first time contractor?
  • What matter more, money or service?

Our clever rating system will then match you to the most suitable options for you.

How do you rate umbrellas?

We rate umbrellas using a simple system of 0-5, but how that 5 is made up is much more complex than you might think.

All our providers have been rated on:

  • Service
  • Compliance
  • Speed

With regular checks carried out throughout the year to ensure they remain up to scratch and our rating system is accurate.

Of course our option isn’t the only thing that matter so alongside our ratings, user feedback goes into the mix too.

Can I find out more?

We’ve put a handy “Find Out More” button next to each result meaning if you like the look of their summary you are just once click away from reading more in depth information.

We’ve tried to keep it light hearted but also informative with a view to giving you an insight into the type of umbrella you’ll be working with.

How do I apply?

Once you’ve read up on your umbrella of choice, there’s an option on their page to request more information which will take you to a more detailed enquiry form.

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