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At we appreciate that not all umbrellas were created equal. Some are cheap and some are expensive. Some have great service and others not quite as great. Some will help you claim child credits and others will let you claim expenses. Sometimes it's hard to know over the phone which umbrella company is going to help you take home the most pay or end up with the most money at the end of the month.

It's a hard learnt lesson for many a contractor that the cheapest umbrella company might not actually be the most financially beneficial because with a higher fee might come access to tax breaks and credits that far outweigh any cost incurred. was launched in early 2017 as the first of its kind, an umbrella company comparison website that didn't just take a name and a number. When we set off on our journey to make the UKs number one umbrella comparison tool, we were hailed as a step too far and something no one would ever use. Yet as we stand here today, it seems every competitor has copied our comparison model!

Today not only is umbrellasupermarket searched more times every day than any other comparsion website, but we've helped 1000s of contractors find the ideal umbrella company (or more recently accountant) for them.

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Umbrella Company vs Agency PAYE

So you’ve decided that using a Limited Company either isn’t for you or IR35 has ruined your plans of being your own boss. You’ll likely then be considering whether to use a Limited Company or get paid through your agencies PAYE scheme.

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Resolved: Umbrella Company vs Limited Company

Contractors are not only free to work for multiple clients on multiple projects at a time. They earn more per hour than their employed counterparts and they work on a greater variety of challenging projects. Being a contractor is not an easy life – it’s more insecure and uncertain but the rewards are there if you make the decision to go solo.

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Contractor Travel Expenses

Unlike normal full-time employees, contractors working with an umbrella company are able to claim back a wide variety of expenses incurred as part of the delivery of their professional contracts. However, in the 2015 Budget, then Chancellor George Osborne announced the decision to severely restrict claims for tax relief on travel and related subsistence costs incurred by “employment intermediaries” including contractors.

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