Find the best Umbrella Company with our Umbrella Calculator

How every contractor can find the best umbrella company with our contractor calculator


Thousands of contractors opt to work under an umbrella company, after all, it’s widely considered the easy, most hassle-free way of contacting. As this way of contracting has grown in popularity over the years, so to have the number of umbrella companies out there.

Although this leaves contractors with lots of choice, it can make it tricky when determining the best umbrella company to work with. After all, contractors want to choose a reputable umbrella company, whilst also finding one that caters for their needs and preferences.

That’s where Umbrella Supermarket’s umbrella calculator comes into play. We not only help contractors compare the best umbrella companies, we allow contractors to compare companies based on their own circumstances. So, whether you are looking for specific benefits, help with childcare credits or to be paid weekly, our umbrella calculator lets you instantly compare results.

In this guide, we explain how our award winning umbrella calculator help every contractor find the best umbrella company.

Enter your details

The first step towards finding your perfect umbrella company is to first enter your details. With our umbrella calculator this is super quick and easy to do, taking just 2 minutes.

Enter your name, contact details, daily rate and any preferences you have, from how much you wish to pay in pension contributions to the level of insurance cover you require, and hit compare.

Now, let Umbrella Supermarket works its magic. We will show you a list of results based on your details in a clear and easy way meaning there’s no need to switch and click between web pages and tabs. We show your results in a comprehensive list.

What’s more, contractors can save their details and results and go back and review them whenever you choose meaning there’s no need to rush into a decision.

Umbrella Supermarket also allow contractors to alter their information at any time to see how these changes will directly impact your results, so you can find the best deal for you. Easily change your answers and preferences and we will instantly update you results to reflect the new information. So, if you wish to know how much your take home pay will change based on how much you take out in pension contributions, you can find this out quickly and easily.

Compare umbrella company fees

Obviously, there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the best umbrella company for you, including the umbrella company’s fees.

It can be tempting to choose an umbrella company with the lowest fees, after all, every penny counts. However, it is important to remember that the cheapest umbrella company isn’t always the best and may not include some important services or benefits. In the same vein, no contractor wants to be paying large fees for minimal service.

Therefore, it’s important for contractors to use an umbrella company calculator to compare the company’s fees and exactly what they will receive in exchange for the fee. After all, an umbrella calculator makes it quick and easy to compare companies based on their fees and services.

Compare your take home pay 

As well as comparing umbrella company fees, our umbrella calculator also allows contractors to compare umbrella companies based on what their take home pay will be under each company.

We offer a comprehensive breakdown of your pay, including:

  • How much tax you will pay
  • How much you will pay in National Insurance contributions
  • How your pension contributions will impact your take home pay
  • How much will be deducted from your pay in umbrella company fees


Therefore, we make it easy for every contractor to see how much their take home pay will be under each difference umbrella company, so you can choose the right one for you.

Compare companies based on your contractor preferences

Although fees and take home pay are inevitably big factors in the decision-making process, we also realise that price isn’t everything. After all, every contractor has a different set of needs, requirements and preferences and wants to find the best umbrella company to cater to their needs.

That’s why with our umbrella calculator we’ve made it easy for contractors to easily compare companies that are best suited to their needs. We have no vested interest in any one company, and instead show you an impartial list of companies geared towards your preferences. So, whether you are looking for particular levels of insurance, help with childcare credit or extra holiday pay, we will show you the companies that best suited to you.

Compare only the best umbrella companies

As we’ve mentioned, we are 100% objective and will only show you the best umbrella companies for you, not us. What’s more, we only every work with trustworthy, reputable umbrella companies.

Although the majority of umbrella companies can be trusted, just as with any industry, there are always a handful of those that won’t have your best interest at heart. That’s why we only show you a list of the best umbrella companies that have good, solid reputations and reviews, so you can rest assured that you are choosing the best.

Ready to use Umbrella Supermarket’s Umbrella Calculator to find the best company for you?

Every contractor wants to find the best umbrella company for them and our umbrella company calculator makes it quick and easy to do so. Compare umbrella companies based on fees, take-home pay, benefits and services to find the best deal for you.

Using an umbrella company calculator is free to do and saves you precious time trawling the web looking for the perfect company. So, if you’ve decided that an umbrella company is the best route for you, let Umbrella Supermarket’s contractor calculator find the best umbrella company for you.

Our award-winning comparison tool has helped thousands of contractors find the perfect fit. So, whatever you’re looking for in an umbrella company, we can help you find the best umbrella company for you in a matter of just minutes.

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