Why Every Contractor Should Use an Umbrella Company Calculator

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As contracting has become an increasingly appealing option for thousands of professionals, many contractors have opted to use the services of umbrella companies. By employing the contractor, an umbrella company gives contractors a level of security, offers them the perks and benefits of being an employee whilst allowing them to choose which contracts they work on and when.

Just as umbrella companies have risen in popularity, so have umbrella calculator sites designed to help contractors find the best company to work with.

But, why would you use an umbrella calculator over carrying out a simple online search? In this guide, Umbrella Supermarket explain the range of benefits that using an umbrella comparison site offers and why every contractor should use one to find the best umbrella company for them.

Umbrella calculators make it quick and easy to compare results

Umbrella comparison sites are incredibly quick and easy to use. Compared to manually searching online which requires time, energy and effort in finding, researching and comparing different umbrella companies, umbrella calculators allow you to input your details and get a list of results in less than 2 minutes.

Contractors can simply enter their information and any preferences they have, such as insurance level, childcare credits and pension contributions, and an umbrella calculator will generate a list of umbrella companies best suited to their needs.

What’s more, there’s no need to flick between different web pages and multiple tabs to compare results. The comparison site will show the results in an easy to read list. Contractors can then save their details and results, meaning they can go back and review them whenever they choose.

The best umbrella comparison tools, such as Umbrella Supermarket, will also allow contractors to alter their information to see how these changes will directly impact their results.

Compare results based on pricing and more

One of the great things about using an umbrella calculator is that it allows contractors to easily compare pricing. Inevitably, this is a big factor when choosing an umbrella company. After all, no contractor wants to be paying sky-high fees, but at the same time the cheapest option isn’t always the best way forward, so it’s important to be able to easily compare different companies’ fees.

At Umbrella Supermarket, we not only help you compare umbrella fees, we also show contractors a breakdown of what their take home pay will look like under each company. We will show you how much tax you will pay, how much National insurance you will contribute plus how any other additional payments like pension contributions will impact your income.

But, at Umbrella Supermarket we also realise that price isn’t everything. Every contractor has a different set of needs, requirements and preferences. With tons of companies out there all offering different levels of service, we make it easy for contractors to find the best fit based not only on price but further criteria too.

Compare results based on your personal circumstances

As we’ve mentioned, every contractor is different and is looking for different things from an umbrella company. We understand this and therefore make it easy for contractors to compare umbrella companies based on their personal circumstances and preferences. After all, some contractors want help with childcare credits, others want same day payments.

The great thing about using an umbrella calculator is that contractors can easily compare companies that are suited to their needs, cutting out a lot of wasted time browsing the web trying to find companies that meet your exact criteria.

With our tool, contractors can then directly compare each of these companies side by side to find the one that best suits their needs.

The great thing about Umbrella Supermarket is that we don’t have a vested interest in any one company. That means we only ever show you a set of objective results that are best suited to you, not us.

Compare only reputable umbrella companies

Like with most sectors and industries, the sad fact is that there are always a handful of companies out there who don’t have the contractor’s best interests at the heart of their business.

To avoid working with bad companies who could land you in hot water when it comes to taxes and work, it’s crucial that contractors only deal with reputable umbrella companies.

Here at Umbrella Supermarket, for example, we only ever work with trustworthy, reputable umbrella companies, meaning contractors can rest assured that the company they choose is honest and straight forward.

By working exclusively with these companies, we save contractors a lot of time in searching for and researching different companies to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy.   

Find the best deal

Every contractor wants to find the best umbrella company for them based on costs, benefits and services. When it comes to umbrella companies, there’s no one size fits all. That’s why it’s so important to do your research to find the best fit for you.

Umbrella comparison tools make finding an umbrella company a quicker, easier process, taking a contractors’ preferences and displaying a list of companies side by side to help contractors find the right fit for them.

If you’ve decided that using an umbrella company is the best route for you, let Umbrella Supermarket help you find the perfect match.

Try out Umbrella Supermarket’s Comparison Tool

With our award-winning umbrella company calculator, we have helped thousands of contractors find the best umbrella companies for their needs. Working with only the reputable companies, all our customers can rest assured that they are dealing with the best umbrella companies. So, whether you are looking for more money, IR35 compliance or extra perks, we will help you find your perfect match in just two simple steps. Why not see what we can do for your contracting career today?

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