5 Advantages of Using an Umbrella Company Comparison Site

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Comparison websites have seen an immense increase in popularity over the past few years with a host of different websites allowing users to compare prices, benefits and perks for all kinds of products and services.

Whether you are looking for deals on car insurance, a new broadband provider or holiday packages in exotic locations, there are tons of places showing the best and most affordable deals for a prospective customer within a few short clicks.

Umbrella companies have also risen in prominence in this time. So, it was only natural that umbrella company comparison sites have also started to crop up as a way for contractors and freelancers to find the most suitable company to work with.

But why would you use a comparison site over just manually searching online or by contacting help desks? Well, there are numerous advantages and wonderful qualities that a comparison site has over manual searching that should give you enough reason to use them when looking for an umbrella company.

1.   Quicker to compare

Perhaps the main draw that comparison sites can boast is their incredible ease of use. Rather than spending rigorous time visiting or contacting each individual company, someone can quickly and efficiently compare the options side by side in one place before making an educated decision.

A self-employed individual doesn’t have hours of spare time to trawl through different websites and phoning various customer support teams to find all the details they need. So, a comparison site that quickly arranges everything in one easy to read and detailed webpage is incredibly convenient.

As well as this, a reputable umbrella company comparison site will also allow you to create an account and save all your details to prevent you having to repeat them over and over again when looking for different policies or wanting to switch to another company.

2.   Reputable providers

Unfortunately, there are companies out there who don’t have their contractors’ best interests at heart. It’s a sad fact about almost every industry that simply won’t go away. That’s why you’ll want to ensure you are only dealing with reputable providers and not wasting time considering – or even worse, accepting offers – from less scrupulous umbrella companies.

Trustworthy umbrella comparison sites only register companies on their website that are reputable, honest and straight forward with their terms and conditions. This ensures that there no hidden clauses in the small print or surprise charges that crop up from companies with less than honourable intentions.

Comparison websites will provide you with a wide range of options but will not include every supplier on the market for this very reason. If you’re considering a particular umbrella company but can’t find them on any reputable umbrella company comparison sites, it could be a significant sign for concern and an opportunity to weigh up other options.

3.   Compare more than just pricing

Pricing is undoubtedly extremely important when it comes to comparing umbrella companies. A contractor is going to want to guarantee they are getting a fair deal for their work and that the umbrella company will be legitimately supporting them.

But pricing isn’t the be-all and end-all factor when getting involved with an umbrella company. It is a similar situation when looking for a new job. You won’t just want to consider the salary as you’ll be taking into consideration the perks available alongside the additional opportunities.

An umbrella company comparison site will detail the pricing structures as well as additional benefits. This includes things such as insurance, private healthcare and pensions. All companies won’t offer these as standard, so knowing exactly what benefits each company will provide can be a huge contributing factor when making a final decision.

To differentiate between companies in a crowded market, some umbrella companies might also choose to provide their employees with additional perks such as access to store discounts, cycle to work schemes and gym memberships which can be extremely enticing.

As well as this, umbrella comparison sites will be able to point to which companies are the most trusted among other contractors, so you know which are recommended by your peers.

4.   Compare based on your specific situation

Not every contractor is after the same deal. There are a number of different situations that someone could find themselves in, meaning that not everyone is suited to the same umbrella company.

Unlike other comparison sites on the market, Umbrella Supermarket has no agenda or vested interest in one particular company. Our only objective is to find the right option for your circumstances and specific situation – whatever that may be – in the most easy, efficient and hassle-free way as possible.

Contributing factors such as how much individuals earn, how much they work, and how experienced they are all influence the decision of which company is best suited.

5.   Get the best deal for you

If you do choose to go down the route of working with an umbrella company, it goes without saying that you must research a company’s history. While doing this, be aware of their individual fee structures, payment frequency and any other possible benefits such as insurance that they may be able to offer you.

Comparing umbrella companies’ side by side to gauge their actual financial benefits and additional perks will be hugely helpful in deciding which has the best deal for you.

Try our umbrella company comparison site

Umbrella Supermarket has helped thousands of contractors find the perfect company for them while assisting them to feel assured that they get the best deal. All the companies on our site are fully compliant and reputable, so you know you’re comparing the very best.

Simply enter a few details on our umbrella company comparison site to compare quotes from the best umbrella companies today.

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